09 November 2005

We're moving on to bigger projects. Visit Zelian Games to have a look at our future developments.

14 March 2003

Gaimbundle 2003 - This game bundle contains three gaimplay titles (FULL VERSIONS) in one convenient download:

  • Mutant Mushroom - Special Edition
  • The Camy Collection
  • AfriTris

Head over to the Games page to find out more.

03 March 2003

Mutant Mushroom - Special Edition is finally here. This is a shareware edition that includes the first three Adventures - The Dark Underground, Sky Castles and Ancient Africa - in one convenient download. Download Mutant Mushroom SE from the games page and give it a go!

31 January 2003
General update...

It's been a while since we posted any updates here. We've been quite busy working on the next big thing. The site has a new look, as you can see. We are also finishing up Mutant Mushroom Adventure 3 - Ancient Africa, which will be released at the end of February.

02 June 2002
Mutant Mushroom Public Beta!

Mutant Mushroom Public Beta 1 is now available for download. Please have a look!

24 May 2002
Guest book added...

Please sign our guest book. We want to hear from you!

21 May 2002
Art and Music sections added...

We will continuously publish some free artwork and music in the Art and Music sections. Feel free to download the songs (mostly MP3) and to view or download the images (mostly JPG). The songs and images may NOT be used commercially. It is for personal use only.

19 April 2002
Mutant Mushroom coming soon...

We are currently entering the final stage of development of our new game: Mutant Mushroom. We will soon start testing, so if anyone is interested in beta testing, please send me an email: [email protected]

19 April 2002
Site update

We gave the entire site a bit of a facelift and also made it easer to navigate. This news section is also new. We plan to expand the site in the next few weeks by adding a guest book and discussion forum. Any ideas welcome: [email protected].

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